Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

May 31 - Another day in Estavayer-le-Lac

Since my toast did not cook "enough" to other peoples' standards the day before, they decided to turn it up after I put it down. Well, 4 minutes later there was an odd smell of smoke and the toaster was still going strong. After another minute of watching this spectacle, I stopped the toaster and ate my crunchy toast--- or charcoal.
Charcoal is good for your blood, or so Mom says
Ben and jerry's has different favors in europe. Including an apple pie version. If it didnt cost 9$ per pint AND there werent 8 other people expecting to have a taste, i would have bought it.
The 'milk from a foreign cow' tax is quite outrageous.
More stairs going up. I do not exactly remember where these went.
Steep stairs to somewhere
A boat ride through a canal. There is an interesting story here. Unfortunately i was not involved and have never heard it.
Be sure to ask about the story if you visit.
Clouds. On our 'UP a hill' hike in an old part of a city. At the end of the uphill walk we stopped at the entrance of the Chateau de Neuchatel. A tour guide was standing there and asked if we wanted a tour, after seeing the sign whch said "free tour" i said, let me ask my group. 2 others arrived and when asked, asked if it was free, the guide said yes. So we waited for "PU" to stop taking pictures and catch up. When asked if she was also interested, she asked, is it free? the answer being yes. So we took the tour.
Is it FREE? Of course we will participate if it is free!
Inside there were weapons and armor. This guy lost his legs in battle and would use one sword to balance and attack with the other one. He also had no hands.
This guy had dedication and perseverance!
A mural in the same room. Notice all the blood and gore. They didnt have a setting to turn off gore. This battle never happened, the guy in red died at the battle before this one was supposed to take place. That's what the lady said, it didnt make sense to us either.
Ashley is enthralled with the Blood and Gore
Dianes new car. If they sold these smart cars in America instead of the retarted ones, i wouldn't have a desire to run over them (well, not as much)
Stylish little ride