Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

May 30 - Estavayer-le-Lac

We started the day walking out side, down the street we see that they had many frogs in the streets, I caught this one jumping.
Frog Attack!
On our first walk we saw this oject. Our first guess was some kind of grind stone. It was more likely some method of transportation as long as you were going in circles.
Old time Merry go Round
We visited a church. This was on the inside.
Paintings in a Church
This pole in the church had a faded skull. Apparently pirates were only allowed to tag buildings in Switzerland and not destroy them.
Ancient buccaneer grafitti
Holy water. we tried to drink some, but there was a plastic barrier keeping us out.
No holy water for us
They provide doggie bags in switzerland. Not the kind for leftover food.
Do not eat what you find in these baggies!
Here are some stairs leading down.
Don't get dizzy
This would be moms view from her cell(referenced in the "adult" version). Hopefully we can make it back to pick her up before the trip is over.
The fabulous view might make up for sparse amenities
The firehydrants are not painted, but plain metal with designs. Apparently it keeps the dogs from peeing on them.
But does it halt vagabond urination?
A pic from a boat. Not sure how this got into the pics. The boat ride was a long circuit across the lake, down to the end where we were forced into a rock concert for about 20 minutes, and back to our starting point.
Boat view