Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 9 - Murren

A sight at the top of the hill after the bus ride with the strange horns. This is the start of what we will call a 20 mile hike.
Tracks from 'skiing' or just some idiot sliding down in running shoes.
Choice B seems to be correct.
This is a pile of grass. Completely irrelevant other then the fact that I thought it was something else when I first saw it.
Our path was a little bit washed away.
The pants are rolled again, this time it didnt matter as much since there wasn't 6 inches of snow. Also, this was an accidental picture. At this point, my shoes smell bad, soon they will smell hideous. At the time of writing this, they are sitting outside on the window sill.
This shows a fence and grass and a hill far away. The fence is there to keep morons from going too close to the edge.
Lunch. Yes, it looks nasty, but it was quite delectable.
Again, sorry Mom, but these bathrooms were way too nice to pass up.
On our way down we went along a path that was washed out, this was before one of the party had a little fall.
This was after the fall, there was much caution about walking along the grass, mud and stones.
Halfway down the hill I had a bit of time to take a picture of a bee. It seemed alot closer then the picture shows..
Walking through a field of flowers, but not straying from the path.
Ashley made a friend with this cow. It did NOT like its picture being taken. After snorting a few times it started pawing the ground. To us from the city, that meant, Go away or I'll kill you, so we ran away. Next time, leave the cows alone.
Still waiting around for 'PU' to quit taking pictures and catch up, I took a picture of a dandelion.
Here is a black sheep that was to some extent attracted to the annoying noise I produce from my mouth (bird whistle) it ran away after I took the picture.
The train ride home. We made it. The 'PU' is WAY too tired to remove the fly sitting on her leg.
Guess who. It is our favorite lady from St Moritz. We didn't get a picture of her, but she met both groups on the snowy day over in Preda. Now she is here in Murren.