Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 7 - Murren

With clear skies and forecasts of rain, we rush to the gondola to take us to the Schilthorn where you can see all the Alps that aren't being blocked by other mountains. This was the start of an epic picture taking day by the 'PU' where she managed to burn through 2 batteries and take 1380 pictures.
The view going up the gondola.
Once at the top, the clouds started to come, we were a little late, but the views were still very good.
It took about 5 minutes and 20 pictures for 'PU' to get the perfect reflection picture. This one took me 1 try, not quite as good.
'PU' taking a picture of something. Only 1 of 1380.
The snow caught up to us although you can't actually tell from this picture.
Some people think I use too much sugar. Its hot chocolate, its already full of sugar.
The clouds cleared up a bit.
Finished hot chocolate cups.
It was so windy a guy brought a kite up. He flew it for about 4 minutes total. It took about 20 minutes to get those 4 minutes, but I'm sure he enjoyed it.
A picture the other direction, I also took an overabundance of pictures, this may be one of them.
The dinosaur wanted to see too, unfortunately nobody paid so it just sees black. Lucky for him he is a plastic toy from walmart and a world traveler so I think he is happy either way.
Ashley on the patch of snow in the center of the viewing area. Just don't fall off, its kind of slippery.

We are not alone, Ashley has been cloned.
"PU" taking more pictures. The gondola was very packed.
Walking down from the top of the cliff to the valley. Feeding horses on the way.
A cowbell at an honesty shop. Instead of buying this for someone, I decided to take a picture.
I think this is a warning sign that says little children are allowed to drive tractors, and there is a cow.
Someone is chasing the 'PU'. Maybe she took 1 too many pictures.
Looking up into a waterfall.
ok, another toilet picture, sorry Mom, this one was too good to pass up.