Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 6 - Murren

Cant you see the excitement? No croissants in the morning, but she does get to use the umbrella today.
3D toilet seats. At least non of them looked like the seat was up. That would be a little messy.
In case you want to spruce up the commode
Taking a boat ride in the rain on the upper deck. We were hiding under the overhang in order to stay warm and dry while eating lunch.
No soggy sandwiches for us!
Views from the boat ride. The water was a very nice blue color. Unfortunately my phone camera does not capture the color. I'm sure a google search would be much better, you just have to figure out which lake this is. I cannot help you.
The nice blue colored lake
The sun wanted to come out, but the clouds were too persistent.
Sun shielded by persistent clouds
The view from the back of the boat.
More of the nice blue water
The gondola schedule. Notice, it comes every 30 minutes UNTIL 1831, after that is is once per hour. After running to the store for victuals, we arrived at the goldola at 1833. We then had an amazing 58 minutes wait. The gondola even returned and left again while we were waiting.
At least we had victuals, though