Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 5 - On to Murren

Fabled breakfast. This is the other half of the best food of the trip. Mom arrives early to try to get at least half a croissant before Ashley and I finish them off. This was the last breakfast, so they were ALL gone when we left.
She looks distressed because we just showed up. She knows what that means. No croissants for anyone else!
"PU" found that the bike storage area had windows that came down even farther. So she is leaning out the window for a better picture.
The picture is worth the risk of getting your head smashed off by passed trees
When we arrived at Murren, we were greeted by cows. This was only the 2nd time this year they have come through the city. Apparently they wanted to see the "PU" and couldn't miss out.
Highlight of the cows' trek
A small stream.
Water flowing over some rocks
In the summer they turn the outdooor hockey rink into mini golf.
These take serious skill
The view from some place in Murren toward some other mountain. Aliens probably landed there at one point.
Lots of mountains around Murren
Rosti at Murren. Not quite as good as at Preda, but MUCH beter then whatever cheese the complaining couple was eating at the table behind us.
She is thankful she did not order bad cheese
Another slug and a shoe. I dont know which one smells worse.
All other travelers on this trip vote for the shoe over the giant slug