Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 4 - Exploring more of Preda in the Snow

SNOW. Yes, I rolled my pants. Turns out this was actually a good idea since i did not have wet pants for the rest of the day.
My leg making a fashion statement
Eating snow. Not yellow, we checked. Atleast i hope we did.
Fresh snow.. or not...
The lake up the hill from the hotel.--- yes the hotel with the AMAZING croissants.
The croissants give us energy to make it up the hill
Same lake, different angle. This is not ice, just slush.
Unfortunately, we can't play hockey on slush
Walking down the road back to the hotel. The path was too steep and slippery for us city folk.
Roughin' it on the dirt shoulder
We went to St Moritz and walked around the lake. This nest had eggs, a dog tried to go sniff them, but fell into the deceptively deep water at the edge. I guess we will have to go without fresh eggs for another breakfast.
The nest on the lake
Another lake picture.
Impressive reflection
Ok, i lied. heres another toilet picture. You can actually see the ground here.
This environmentally friendly tactic saves on water, fertilizes the tracks, and provides ventilation to suck out nasty bathroom smells
Drying our shoes OUTSIDE. Not the best idea in freezing weather, but it was better then leaving the stench inside the room.
And the stench is POWERFUL!
Supper, its just smiling at you. This was the best food of the trip.
Smiling rosti topped with eggs, but not the fresh eggs from the lake