Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 2 - Another day in Preda

Hiking down to the train festival. Does anybody ese think this has a resemblance to Indiana Jones? At least the hat.
Indiana Jones, I always knew you'd come walking back in my door.
The "PU" taking more pictures on our fist sighting of snow.
I spot Indie again!
Trees and sun.
Don't look into the light!
The dianes--- i mean the diane and "PU" taking picutres in front of a field of nice yellow fowers. This was pic 12 of about 25 in this series of pictures.
Swiss flowers
We took a walk to 'see the birds'. The bold red line was the trail we were suppsed to take. The red line near the river is the one the half that did not go to store took. the first time. Some of that group walked back up the bold red line looking for the stragglers. Another member of that group ran back up the bold line, then off another trail not on the map, then back up the bold one, and back. Turns out the stragglers went on the other side of the river and were the fast ones, not the stragglers.
We hit every path on this map, and then some.
Some of us decided to slide down this hill while running. This is the result. Luckily i was forced to buy some scratch proof pants and my 40 ft slide down a rocky slope caused no harm to my pants(this story has been greatly exaggerated)
These wonder pants also repel bugs.
Sorry mom, I had to put at LEAST 1 pic of the cool open air toilet. I may have missed the sign that said to not use this while the train was stopped... oops.
This is why you should always look down when walking on train tracks
The "PU" taking more pics.
Shadow people we met