Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters

June 1 - Leaving the Manor and on to Preda

On our way out of the first place, I decided to take a picture of Ashley's nemesis.
goddess of indoor lighting
and Joseph.. He guarded the dark room of junk in the basement.
Farewell Joseph! May your beard never grow thin!
A covered walkway somewhere on our way to Preda, it was an old wall, I do not remember the significance other then it being a wall.
The ceiling tells a story
This is the remains of the duck dropping after "PU" decided to clean it up with her pants.
The city should pay us for our efforts!
The bell in the clock tower. As we were going back downstairs, 2oclock hit and it rang twice.
Bell and views
This was the view from the tower with the man (in the "adult" version). In order to make the train, I had to run from the clock tower, down the stairs to the outside the wall, down 3 more towers, up to the top of the man tower, and then retrace my steps and run over to the lion.
Marathon training paid off! Now you can see this view I captured.
Ashley and the shoe cleaner when arriving at Preda. She was the only sophisticated traveler that knew what these were. The rest of us just saw 3 brooms.
These are used to clean cowpies from your shoes