Trip Log - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today we went to the morterash glaciar, in the parkinglot they had the ORIGINAL toitoi. I guess these guys came up with the outhouse idea all by themselves. They were actually designated as mens and womens. I did not check inside to see the difference.

the original toitoi
We were about to go on a hike but then mom said.. first, let me take a selfie. This was no ordinary selfie, it was a selfie WITH whatever she had on the front camera also in the picture.

selfie time
Here we parted ways, the mature hikers walked the flat path to the left while the young hikers hiked the horrid path to the right.

split ways
It was very hot so shorts were worn to combat the drastic temperatures.

too hot to handle
The hike would have been MUCH faster but we had to wait for 1 specific picture taker.

slow dan
I took another cool picture of scenery through a close flower. There may or may not be a bee somewhere on the flower. Look closely and you may see him fly by.

cool pic
Here is another picture from the hike. Notice the clear skies. The weather prediction for today was ..... cloudy.. well, there are a few clouds so i guess it isnt wrong.

Afer a few hours of a tortous climb and nice ladies. we are still going up.

up and up
SUCCESS, we finally reached the top(of this train at least). .There is a restaurant up here.

on the top
Kristin convinced us all to order some food so we get 2 rostis to share. They even came to us smiling, but it is probably more of an insulting smile because they know we have to carry them back down to the bottom--but also a friendly smile because they know they made the trip worthwile. And yes, this was probalby the best rosti ive had--maybe because it was after a long hike.

smiley food
What do you get when 2 identical thermometers sit in the same place for a few hours? Readings that are 30 degres apart. the left one says 60, the right one says 90. I think both were accurate since one was in the sun and the other in the shade.

inconsistent readings
Here is a panoramic version of the view from the top.

part of the full view
We stopped at coop after the hikes to load up on chocolate. Bad news, they did not have the cranberry clocolate ones. Scary news, the good chocolate was not there, apparently they changed the package so it just looked different. Best news, there is a really cheap version(prix) that doesnt taste as good, but still good, that can be given away...

the mini motherload