Trip Log - Friday, September 12, 2014

The other good part of breakfast is the...... wait for it....... granola/cereal/muesli/whatever you call it. Here we see a Dan, in its natural habitat venturing into uncharted areas. A bowl of yogurt, PLAIN, filled with SUGAR. 2 things a typical Dan avoids at this point of its migration cycle. However, how can a bowl of unflavored yogurt filled with fiber that is >30% zuker have trapped this well matured speciman. Well, just ask ashley, she has fallen victim to the strawberry version we see being eaten here.

dan eats yogurt
This clearly states that you avoid white and red striped steps otherwise your ski will bend and as you fall you will end up with only 1 ski and 1 pole. These swiss must be amazing skiiers because i usually need at least 2 skis.

falling off the edge
Erika at her 'hobbit hole', yes mom, we passed this and had to go BACK to get the picture.

hobbit hole 2.0
no caption necessary. Dan is just a natural hiker.

oh dan!
the water was cold. I think underwater pictures were being taken, but I am not sure what was actually in the picture.

kristin and dan sitting on a tree. getting their picture taken. This was a very exciting time and many pictures were taken. The amount of which would rival dianes picture taking skill. Unfortunately we only had a 16G card.

posing for pictures
Most of the time spent on hikes ends up with 2 people waiting for other to finish taking picutres. (if those pictures were not being taken, these blogs would not be possible so it is a worthiwile sacrifice everybody reading is willing to make.) Also to note, there are some amazing 10$ sunglasses being worn, one from walmart(proudly displayed for the picture--or forgotten to take off), the other from target(being hidden in shame)

The guardian of the stairs. (i think im running out of caption ideas)

not sure what to write here
holes in the ground. filled with water. there were other holes. big holes, little holes, holes you could climb into.....

after the holes we took a walk to that city down there. it started out innocent with only a 1.5hr time. 20 minutes later the next sign still said 1.5 hr. Either the swiss are VERY fast hikers, or somebody found a teleport device.

the end is in sight, but not near
Here we are still walking, but taking time to take pictures(aka waiting for jonah to catch up)

walking down this path
And now we have a scenic picture of a city and lake in the distance taken through some flowers and people.

scenic picture?
Although everybody looks awake, as soon as the camera was turned off 2 of the 4 people were asleep. kristin/dan being neither of the 2. There is something about a hot(80degreesF) train that just makes you want to sleep. Maybe its the altitude. Maybe they are just in much better shape then us. Maybe the just stole all the chocolate for the extra energy.

crashing in the train