Trip Log - Thursday, September 11, 2014

This is really the only reason we came back to switzerland. The croissants for breakfast in preda. Now that I have had these, I can return home happy. The other parts of breakfast were good too, and so was the rosti/capuns/spatzli/soups/chicken/that other thing/ and erikas rat/groundhog/porcupine/musk/warewolf thing she ate. (pictures are not currently accessible but may or may not be added later?)

before breakfast
This was all ready to be brought home for ashley, but erika and dan or kirstin got to it first. sorry ashley. Maybe one of your students has swiss connections and wants a passing grade.

after breakfast
There was a trip sensor in the path that we had to step over to avoid setting off a landmine......... nobody out here believed me either, but the still stepped over it. Well, maybe just attempted to.

trip mine
here we stopped for lunch, the first one, while we waited for the train. some of decided to sit on the 1 water spot on the bench, others,thanks to leaky water bottles) decided to pour water on their pants so they could fit in too.

lunch 1.0
A TRAIN, QUICK GET A PICTURE. -- mom.. yes, i got one, and a few others. Thankfully i had my camera out and ready to take the picture. because these trains go by very fast and then you have to wait for 1 hour for the next one. Thankfully dan had the schedule so we knew when to expect the trains.

catch the train
Crossing the raging river. Ithink there is some water there. This reminds me of oregon train and, as you can see from this picture, we hired the guide to get us across safely. (the guy in blue) his payment.... ummm. not sure.. he got to follow us up the hill after?

fording the river
the second lunch stop. maybe 20 minutes after the first lunch. yes, we like to eat.

lunch 2.0
The third lunch stop. at least 2 hours later, and after 2 trips to stores. We did not have cups, so mom and erika decided to drink milk from caps and small containers. i guess that is better then drinking from the small plastic spoons i was offering to let them use.

lunch 3.0
Itook this for ashley, and was thinking how cool it was i found a pohne booth with a light looking thing ontop.... then i realized it was the man inside a police box that she has the strange obsession with. Maybe next time.

phone booth