Trip Log - Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 1

testing out the new super thin and cheap rain coats and hats. nobody else seemed to want to get any so we are the only 'cool' ones that plan on staying dry.

on the train just after landing and the first thing we do is eat some chocolate. actually, this picture may have come from a different day, but it sounds better this way.

Behind this door lies the ultimate answer, or just a bunch of sweaty dirty clothes (jonahs room)

Starting the 'easy/short' hike to the lake, rain coats and hats in action on the first day to couter the torrential sprinkling of rain. It was furious, if you werent there(and even if you were) you probably wont understand.

from this angle, this hood/hat(dont remember which) looks like a pirate hat. unfortunately the lake had already been overtaken by pirates.

happily taking a picture

wiping the mud from our shoes using one of ashleys favorite parts of switzerland.

She was given the wrong soup but still devoured instantly. I was barely able to get a picture before it dissappeared.