Trip Log - Sunday, September 21, 2014

The morning started out as normal with a picture of mom. As always. The hair is slightly less curly.

It was raining in the morning, After about 30 minutes of putting on rain coats and such, we finally leave. Dan goes for just an umbrella.

Walking in the rain to the bottom of the train station and top of gondola.

Here is a picture to show how high we were.

Halfway through the rain stopped and the need of umbrellas were finished.

Soon after the rain stopped, we heard a big boom. Turning around we saw the finishing of an avalanche. We stood there watching for about 5 minutes hoping to see more snowy destruction. No people that we know of were harmed in the process since it was way up in the mountains and away from people.

No, i dont want you to hold the umbrella for me. This would have been a nice picture 1 second before, but SOMEBODY decided they didn't like the umbrella keeping them from getting wet.

ummm... jamie?? You should have come... we could have seen information about disneyland in paris.

over by the church like building there were a bunch of classic dressed swiss people. As we were walking up a hill we heard them singing off in the distance. Their sweet melodies flowing over the hills and through the mountains. (some people missed this because they were behind a building) The best I can tell is it was a song they sing before eating becasue when we passed them on the way back they were all feasting at an outside table.

This is a trecherous cave we climbed to get to the back side of a waterfall. The picture actually makes it look dangerous but it really was pretty flat.

After a few more train rides we boarded the strot thun. This was guarded by a crazy horned lion like figure. It kept us safe in the following storm.

The boat ride started out hot in the blazing sun. The water was a very neat teal blue color. But soon all that changed as the thunderstorms rolled in(well, 2 sounds of thunder coming from the distant hills). The upper deck was cleared off all inferior rubble except 4 daring souls--and the 2 other ladies that came back with good looking desserts.

We were later(AFTER the rain stopped), joined by none other then the wonderful mother. She was bored so she accepted looking at picutres that kristin took of her. What better time to add more to the list. Notice the blue skies clearing behind her head to keep her pleased.

Kristin got to drive the train. She could only figure out how to drive backwards and soon the train workers were screaming as she sped off the wrong way--towards the cliff. CCHHUUU CCCHHHUUU

After a miraculous rescue by the swiss workers we decided to take the passangers seat. The goal was to stick our hand out the window and take the picture outside so we can see that we were truly in the back oif the train. Unfortunately, we dont have monkey arms because in order to actually tell you are in the front of the train you need to reach quite far OUTSIDE the train. We had to settle for a picture not quite so far away. We were in the back of the train, trust me.

After the terrifying train ride ti was raining again so we had to make a mad dash back to our current lodgings .3 miles away. -- For any confused souls, that is point three, not three. On our way back we were passed by this figure in white. She had on some kind of highly advanced wind suit that helped her speed by us. Our bulky rain coats could not even come close to matching her speed.