Trip Log - Saturday, September 20, 2014

Breakfest at Denise's. Sorry tiffany, you arent cool anymore. Denise brings the fresh bread and has it hot in the morning for all the active people. Needless to say, I have never had hot bread, it has always been cold to warm. I guess I get up too late.

Dan struggling with the hard boiled eggs. I think he managed to get at least 257 pieces of egg shell per egg.

Dan can't handle the wait for the gondola. Yes, we watched to go away again. 3rd time this has happened.

The current time at the start of the walk today. 36 hours, 72 miles. At least 10000 ft elevation change. (that is a VERY low estmiate)

This sign was slightly humorous on one of the lines. At the moment, I cannot remember why. Ithink it had to do with making the bottom line worst case.. but I can't remember anymore.

Dont let your dog poop. No explanation needed.

Here is a picture form the trail while waiting for the slow ones to catch up. The sun is still out even with the high chance of rain.

Here are some clouds coming in. This picture was taken a bit farther down the trail. Again, waiting for everybody to catch up.

Here they are finally catching up. It is getting VERY hot and, as you can see, the coats are already off.

Kristin venturing into the bathroom. Little does she know an animal(not a cow) is hiding around the corner. These were some of the nicest bathrooms on the mountains. Full running wather and flushing toilets.

Here is the demon "cow"--I will refer to it as a cow since I do not know what it actually is. This guy walked up to me and started sniffing my leg, near my shoe. Soon, that didnt smell bad enough so eh moved to my knee. Then he got bored and rammed his head into my butt. Yup, that was weird. So I moved away. What does he do? Slowlly walk towards me and start sniffing my leg again. moving up to my knee. Thankfully, some children ran over and it seemed more interested in them. They soon brought a big bottle and started feeding it.

This is what the 'cow' most likely was. There was a sign about yaks on the building. Mayve that is what it is. The sign wasn't in english.

Our path again led us through wildlife. Goats.

The flag at the 'top'. Again, another restaurant that wasn't actually the top--but for us it was.

We went out of our way to see this waterfall. It was listed as 2 min. Swiss time, that means up to 5 minutes. It was actually. Here we are all gathered around taking multiple pictures of the water. The sign said something about 20000 liter/second. I am guessing that is how much the average adult swiss male can drink. More likely that is the volume of water that goes over the falls.

What is a site called without at LEAST 1 picture of poop. This one couldn't be passed up. The angle may not show it right, but it looked like a little funnel. Not sure what what animal had to eat to do that, but i need to learn this trick.

This was a very unstable bridge. The boards didnt seem like they were connected to the cross supports. Thankfully the raging river was a few feet wide and could be easily crossed with a jump. You could be on one side, jump to the other side, jump back to the first side.. you get the point.

I think it is the asain culture, but the guy has a HUGE suitcase while the girl has shopping bags for expensive looking shops. They also had a coop bag so HOPEFULLY they got some chocolate.

Dan is WAY too tall for this place. It is meant for people of a more short stature.