Trip Log - Friday, September 19, 2014

On the way away from Appenzel. Sleep is happening soon.

Not ice cream bars. How are we supposed to eat these.

I found a bathroom on the train with a great view.

We missed our train so we had to wait for an extra 30 minutes.

This fist class train had its own special car with a door. It was a quiet car, but not everybody was being quiet.

The loud people got put in the hallway because they couldnt handle the quiet car.

Arriving in murren, we haul our luggage .3 miles to the chalet fontana.

Since we arrived so early we took a SMALL walk NOT to a lake but to watch the hang gliders jump. While we were here we heard a guy free jump off the cliff--yes, he had a parachute. There was a group of 4 girls that did the tandem jumping with an instructor. Unfortunately there was alot LESS screaming then was expected and hoped for

We made some spatzli for supper. It turned out pretty good as long as you liked broccoli and vegetables and some cheese that smelled like spaghetti.

Here is the finished product WITHOUT vegetables. Dan style.