Trip Log - Thursday, September 18, 2014

At breakfast we sit and admire the wonderfully curly hair with streaks of wisdom. Unfortunately it bounces around too much and the camera cannot get a clear picture.

Top of the lift(we got here before noon) we see a lake. This is a different lake then yesterday, but still a lake. We will be seeing more of this later.

Our current cumulative hiking distance and time at the start of this hike is 60 miles over 29hours 36minutes.

Here we are walking on a ledge(notice lake in distance)This is not nearly as dangerous as yesterday but it was very windy.

Again the lake. The journeyman software may need to be looked at, or just the user for selecting the wrong pictures. Anyway, here is another view of the lake. Notice it is a little bit closer then the first picture.

We have reached the top(for us) aka, a restaurant. As you can see by the flag, it is really windy and actually started to rain a bit. As the rain strikes, we decide to make a mad dash down the mountain.

We saw some cave dwellers venturing out into the open. Once spotted they quickly returned to their hiding place.

Kristin is trying to not fly off the mountain. Dan is just standing in the background laughing.

Kristin asked for the picture. Dan took it too far. Kristin is attempting to drag him into submission. Unfortunately, dan is much much heavier, has been working out, and is WAY too powerful. Also note the lake in the background. We have reached the lake.

This cow decided to stare me down. So I took a picture.

The fire hydrants in switzerland are well decorated. At least this one was, I haven't really seen any others like it.

On the train on the way back we got stuck in second class with all the peons. Here we see a stuck up first class only passanger unable to cope with the low quality of second class. This is a clear ashley pose but somebody else had to make it for her

Dessert at the migros(the grocery store) food area. It was not the highest quality, but was good after a long day of hiking. They were actually selling all of these as whole pies in the regular section of the grocery store.

We were running to the train station and watched our train arrive and leave. Unfortunately we were stuck on the WRONG side of the tracks waiting for the train crossing arm(you know what i mean) to go back up and let us cross. So, since we had 30 minutes to kill 2 poor souls were volunteered to go get some ice cream bars. These 2 poor souls were tasked with making it almost 1/2 mile to coop, buy ice cream, and make it back to the train station. the trip was done walking, around 5mph(12 minute miles), and even a few detours on the way back.

After arriving back at the train station with 10 minutes to spare and 3-4 ice cream bars to eat--EACH. Grandma was going strong and got 3 down. Dad got 5 and was looking for 6,7,8,9 but they had already been eaten. Dan had a few bits of one of kirstins. We wont comment on the rest.

I thought this guy had a cool car so I signed my name. For any concerned party, it was a sticker of some kind. This was on a few cars.

Soaking feet in FREEZING water after a long day of hiking. Not shown here is when we got down to our knees in the icewater.