Trip Log - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The day started out normal, waiting for a train. However, we(the young ones) missed the train by about 3 minutes. The wise ones kindly waited for the young foolish ones. This was the pivotal point for the entire day. This missed train causes us to have to wait for almost 2 hours for the bus and then another 20 minutes for a gondola ride to the top.

Since we had almost 2 hours to fill while waiting for the bus, we decided to take a tour of the city. We ended up at coop and bought nad ate lunch. Yes, at 11, only about 2 hours after breakfast. This also factors in later in the day. During this lunch time, we used a translator app on the pack of REALLY good meat we discovered the name of at preda. Bundnerfleish. Apparently the u with the dots doesnt work well with the image to text part of the app. Cutting down the log story, the app translated hunderfleisch -- dog meat. Well, thankfully, that was not dog meat.(if it was i would have become a fan of dog meat.) A little google search later and wikipedia(hopefully accurate) showed it was actually from a cow just prepared differently and only in a specific area (listed in wikipedia) of switzerland. I guess grocery outlet wont be having any any time soon.

THe view from the top after all the lifts. notice the lake way down at the bottom. That is the fatal lake from day 1 in this place. Also possibly noted in the hike to come today.

Somebody is pointing at soemthing. Here is just a different view from the top.

And another view form the top. I dont remember what this picture was put here to so, but i htink it was just to show there were people walking along the top of the ridge. Yes, that is the path. (more pictures to follow--assuming i rememberd them)

A tunnel. I found a cave troll hoarding ....... nope, looks like just another weary hiker.

THis was the signe before my exciting venture down aobut 1/10th of a mile back towards the start of the lift.Thankfully i did not have any shoes that looked like that.

THere is a path somewhere in that rock. I know because hiked down and up it. It is pretty steep.

A failed selfie with everybody else safe at the homebase. I know they were there at some point.

The way up.

Halfway up.

A snowman. version 1.0. We saw an ever so small patch of snow and just HAD to make moms snowman.

On our way to a larger patch of snow in the distance. Where we shall decide to return to the gondola or hike down.

The path to walk to the top of the ridge seen in picture 4? and we thoguth this was challanging.

Looks like the path leads me this way.

panoramic form the top of the ridge.

I konw i just saw somebody here......

Snowman 2.0. A much bigger version, yet still small. Its september, what do you expect.

HIking up yet another cliff. At least there were cables on the sides to grab on to.

I think the path signs have an issue. This one also least over the edge.

Yes, we are going down there.

Dan, on top of the world. Do you expect hiim to be anywhere else?

Another view of 'the end' way off in the distance. The lake is about 30 minutes from the end. At this point we now realize that if we keep up with 'swiss time' we wont make it back for supper. So we had to double time the swiss time. In the end we cut a 2h45m trip into 2h. dan could have done better, but had to wait for the slow ones. Side note, we have not been able to keep up with swiss time for any of the hikes until now.

This guy did something and it must have been bad because they had to cage him up after he died.

Swiss bread has bears on it..... (hey, at lesat im not taking pics of poop this time around.... yet)

A little village way up in the hills.

We came from somewhere up there.

The end. We made it. Well, there was still about 5 minutes left, but the hard stuff was over. Supper was waiting.... well, kindof.