Trip Log - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The breakfast was not as good as preda, so she had to bury her sorrows in hot chocolate.

The hike downhill to the church in the rocks.

Here is the church in the rocks.... what do you think jamie? possible venue?

Here is the view you would have......

In switzerland you need to strapp your children down and have them pull you like a dogsled. At least that is my translation of the sign.

Maple syrup is the ultimate energy drink. 2 at once is the only way to do it.

We met a group of local goats hiking the path. They seemed to not speak english and just shout alot. It kindof sounded like aaaaaaaaaa... or whatever sound goats make. They also left a trail of poop and bad smells wherever they went.

Here is the view of the lake from where we were. I am not exactly sure why I included this photo. Probably to show how far away and high up we were.

This hut is another good reference point. At this point we have just lef the hut and are headed up.

Still headed up. This is about how steep this part of the hill was.

Here is the hut after 30-45 minutes of hiking. We basically went straight up the hill using a large number of short switchbacks.

A little farther up the path the hut is still visible. The switchbacks are hidden beneath the tall grass. If you look closely you may be able to see kristin and erika struggling up the hill.

At this point in our trip I thoguth that this was a steep hill. At the time of writing this(9-17) I no longer believe this. After seeing the 9-17 picutres, you can judge.

Here is the top of the hill, the rock at the very bottom was maybe 9-12 inches across and I could have put my foot on it. I did not put my foot on it because i had both legs wrapped around the cable and was almost frozen in place taking the picture.

Panoramic of the previous picture. Yes, im still frozen inthe exact same place.

Here is a view down the other side of the ridge that we were walkign up.

At the top, the reward was a big plate of rosti. This is the 'super mario'. One of the cooks name is mario, his special is rosti with everything(bacon/eggs/cheese). This is obviously what dan ordered, nothing less is sufficient.

These wise travellers took the easier path to the top. Unfortunately, they brought the clouds and didnt get a great view for long.

On our way down, back ot the little white dot in the middle of the picture(the lift down). The young venturers will choose the hard walk down to the bottom...... After taking some picutres, we see dan, sitting down at the building(on right) already finished the descent.

Grandma, impossible to keep up with.(except for dan)

WHAT, still 2 hours? We already did 2 from the last sign, and that one said 2 3/4Std. Apparently swiss are crazy hikers.

The reward at the end of the day? spicy musturd in a toothpaste bottle.