Trip Log - Monday, September 15, 2014

Last day at preda. Let the breakfast feast begin.

We left one in honor of ashley.

On the way to the train. I think dad is about to take a shortcut through... the construction.

The smelly ones got sent the place all smelly ones get sent, the room with the suitcases. Jokes on them, because you get the best views here.

Mom is desprately trying to get out the window. It takes all dads strength and willpower to keep her inside.

Off on the flat hike up to a lake. 'It follows the river so it should be flat the whole way'

I did not bring my level, but I don tthink this looks flat. Turns out, this was a VERY flat part of the hill. The last '7 minutes' were aweful.

Here is the lake. Yup, its a lake.

And another picture of the lake.

There were these bugs that had a metallic blue color. Probalby a death beetle that caused all viewers to take insanely outrageous hikes for the next week.

It was raining so out came the raincoats. Unfortunately it wasnt actually enough rain to get you wet.

Fly man dan. 12-0 vs flies. They dont stand a chance.

We attempted to continue a game of phase 10 which was started in preda.... It actually toook longer than a normal game usually takes.