Trip Log - Sunday, September 14, 2014

BREAKFAST. the best part of the day. I would hav a picture of the croissants, but they dissappear before the camera comes out.

Off to the train station on our way to a nice easy walk along the mountain to pontrasina.(HA, easy.... never believe that one, its switzerland)

We took this thing to the top for our "easy" walk.

No idea how htis got here, but these are some super awesome/aweful(opinion) walmart sunglasses. Note the current lack for defeat on the face, it is still the beginning of the day.

Posing for a picture. so happy. -- little did they know they just started on a super steep hike that went the wrong way.

Here is a lake that was not on the original hiking plan. but its a nice lake? At least its cold. However, it was out of the way and extra walking. Onward to the REAL path.....

ummm... i thought this picture was part of the last one. The coment counts for both.

Here is a view from the 'real' trail and the trail we just came from. The lake is on the other side of the hill around themiddle of the picutre.(~9000ft elevation) we had to hike down to where the paths met either at the bottom left of the picture of off the left side of the picture(~7800ft elevation) and then back to where the picuture was taken and farther(back up to 9000ft elevation)

Apparently on mt everest there is a dead guy near the top wearing green boots..... I see green boots. I must be close.

The view from the top.

The outhouse on the top. Yes, this is right on the cliffs edge.

THe view from the inside of the outhouse.

Now we have reached the 'flat' walk across the top of the mountains.

This is the path down. At least one of them. Here we also took the 'easy' path down but still ended up on the 'harder?' version while going out of the way on a joyous side trail that led almost right back to where we started.

The path led us through cows and as we learned from dan. "cow dont care"

After the hike was finished, there was a mad rush back to the room....... so mad and furious that the cameras only caught glimpses of the hikers as the sped to their rooms.